Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 15 to Day 18

Need a shortcut to get totally caught up with the blog, so I'm grouping the Friday-Monday runs since Friday and Monday were recovery run days, and Saturday and Sunday were LSRs.  Friday's recovery was notable because I woke up thinking I had to go 3 miles, and had mild panic attack when I checked the schedule and it said 5 miles!  Oops.  So much for being prepared the night before a run.

Sunday's LSR was the first time in this training cycle that we went beyond the 10k distance.  AMD and I feel like we can do more than the bare minimum we originally laid out, so we're looking over the plan to see where we can add miles.  Extending the long run seems like the most meaningful spot.  We choose a route where we ran up an incline for the first 2 miles, then felt like we were running downhill for the final 6.  Running a slight decline is a great confidence booster!

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