Saturday, March 16, 2013

Twas the night before LAM...

and I should be asleep, but of course, I'm not.  Everything is ready for tomorrow morning, running clothes set out, bib pinned on, Garmin and iPod and backup iPod charging.  Months ago, I thought this was going to be a training run as I prepared for the Eugene Marathon in late April.  But irrational confidence set in as I did my training runs in February.  I loosely followed the Hanson plan, but missed a number of runs because of illness, business travel, and just family stuff. 

Yet I've somehow managed to log over 400 miles since CIM, and in the two weeks leading up to tomorrow, I've logged the same 70 miles I did before CIM.  My best training runs were the past 3-4 Thursdays, pace run day.  I managed between 10-12 miles at a sub-9 pace, much faster than I plan to run tomorrow.  My one 16 miler came in at 9:11s.

Tested out a few new things on my 16 miler that will make their race debut tomorrow...CW-X Pro compression tights, Nuun sports drink, and eating a GU every 45 minutes.

So can I really PR tomorrow?  I'm am so anxious to find out.

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