Friday, June 17, 2016

A new beginning...

I started this blog 3.5 years ago to document my first attempt at marathon training using the Hanson Brothers plan.  I had a difficult time finding any information beyond the brief article in Runner's World.  In the subsequent years, a book has been published that lays out every bit of science and rationale behind the plan, and my friends and I have logged thousands of miles with the HB framework.

So what to do with this blog space now?  I hope to make it an outlet to capture the thoughts I have while I run.  An old thought occured to me this morning, "Runners are made, not born."  I would never have believed I was capable of running a 5K in 2007, and now, in the past 2 weeks, I've logged 9 training runs 10K or longer.  It's a testament to the focus and determination required to become an endurance runner.  These should be traits I can use in other aspects of my life.  I seek a new path in my professional life, which will require the creation of a resume, a document I've not attended to in nearly 18 years.  My hope is writing about running in this space will develop my skills as a storyteller so I can can create a compelling case history of my life as an employee that will lead to a new frontier.

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