Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 2: MP1

It's only Day 2, and I already appreciated Wednesday's rest day. When there's only one day off, you cherish every minute of inactivity.

Here's today's run:

Workout Unspecified by HB
Distance 3 miles
Goal 8:45 pace (9:00 out, 8:30 back)

The only workouts directly called out in the HB plan for the first two weeks are the SPEED sessions, so that's why I described today's run as "Unspecified." My guess is the plan assumes you haven't been running much before your started, so it gives you two weeks to ease into it. AMD and I were doing some light training in May and June (17-25 miles a week) so we have a slightly higher fitness baseline.

Thursdays are MP days, so that's how we approached today. Today's route is an old standby for us, starting at Hicks Canyon Park, running an out-and-back up the Hicks Canyon Trail to Portola Parkway. It's moderately challenging because its uphill all the way to the turnaround. Of course, the benefit is it's a sweet downhill finish. The goal pace for today was an exercise in conserving energy up a hill in order to gain the time back coming down.


Here's the garmin data:

I'm pretty happy with today's results. I have been running paces more in the 9:15-9:30 range all summer, so it was satisfying to feel like the 9 min pace uphill was a bit slow.

These are my times. AMD finished closer to 32 minutes. She is an amazing downhill runner and she opened it up on the way home. She wanted to get an idea of the pace she can run on relatively fresh legs so she had something to compare to in later weeks.

HB gives you up to 5 weeks to acclimate to running 6 days in a row. Tomorrow was an optional rest day, so we're taking it. July 20 will be the only scheduled Friday break until December 7.

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