Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 3

Woke up this morning with legs a bit tired from Friday's swim.  As with Day 2, today's run had no goal called out by HB.  We treated it like a moderately paced Long Slow Run.  Route was another out and back, starting again from Hicks Canyon Park, running along the Mountains-to-Sea trail, under the 5, and turning around at Walnut.

Workout Unspecified by HB
Distance 3 miles
Goal 9:00 to 9:15

Here's what we actually did.




Sorry, no garmin data today, so no splits.  I'm pretty sure we ran a 9:30 for the first mile and hit 9s the rest of the way.  My 110 froze as I connected it to the laptop, and in order to bring it back to life, I had to reset it which erased everything.  Good thing my downloads were current through Thursday.

When we finished, I figure I could have gone another 1.5 - 2 miles, but I think my pace would have dropped.  I am interested to see how I feel during tomorrow's run after three consecutive days of activity.  One thing I have realized already is that the we are capable of doing more than just the minimum miles on the plan.  Case in point, I was telling AMD I'm going to do a short recovery run on Monday, and she pointed out that the first 5 Mondays are rest days as currently scheduled.  And I never once thought about running only 3 miles today, mostly because I don't have a good 3 mile route.  We agreed today that the miles on the plan are the bare minimum, and that we'll try to aim higher.  The minimum mileage gives us a fallback position if we're getting overly fatigued.  I've always believed in tiered goals.

I'm going to add another page this weekend called "Workout Log" where I'll document the actual mileage run and the pace. 


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