Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1: Speed Session 1

I added two new pages to the blog, BBR HB Implementation and Hanson Brooks Plan.  The latter is my translation of the table in the RW article.  The former is how I molded that plan around the reality of my life with work and family.

I am not quite crazy enough to try something like the HB alone, so I've convinced my running partner, AMD, to join me.  She has completed 3 marathons since 2011, and she's PR'd each time, running a great 4:18 at LAM in March.  Now we're both gunning for a sub-4 at CIM.  We need to run a 9:09 pace, so we're training to run 8:45s to give ourselves some margin.

Here's how Day 1, Speed Session 1, 6 x 800  (jog 400m) went:
1: 4:25 (8:48)
2: 4:24 (8:45)
3: 4:23 (8:38)
4: 4:21 (8:41)
5: 4:22 (8:45)
6: 4:15 (8:23)

Technically, speed sessions are supposed to be run at 10k race pace.  My 10k PR is a 7:57 pace, AMD doesn't have a 10k race finish, so we kept it easy on the first day.

Jogged after int1 at a 10:27 pace, but that seemed a bit aggressive for the first day.
So walked at a 17-18 min pace after int2 through int5.  This basically was half speed compared to the interval, ~4:25 min of rest.  That was probably too much rest.  Will try to get the rest time down closer to 2 min next week.

Tomorrow, like every Wednesday, is a rest day.

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